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Qingyang, the middle and upper reaches of the Yellow River, the junction of the three provinces of Shaanxi, Gansu and Ningxia, the birthplace of Huaxia history, the reproduction of the descendants of the Yellow Emperor. However, with the southward shift of the economic center of gravity, it once became a barren land. After the reform and opening up, it has always been a backward area. There is no convenient transportation and no pursuit of innovation. However, the people of Qingyang always have a The hot heart of international harmony. Time flies, above the Loess Plateau, not only has that kind of boldness, but also has a thoughtful and dexterous beauty, the sachet is its representative! How ingeniously crystallized! What awesome beauty! What a stunning masterpiece! This barren land gradually became fertile, and this backward thought gradually became new. This desolate area finally came out of the Loess Plateau with a sachet, and gradually became more than 2,300 years ago, and the Yellow Emperor's Internal Classic was recorded. Although many diseases were not cured or treated at that time Marlboro Lights. However, ancient humans also know how to avoid these "virus army." Thus, the author of the "Yellow Emperor's Canon", he thought of an excellent method Marlboro Cigarettes. That is to be able to carry the drug with you, to prevent the epidemic, to prevent the snake, but for the sake of convenience, and then use a small bag to hide the drug, to achieve a certain purpose. As a result, the initial shape of the sachet was clearly eliminated by the times Cigarettes For Sale. For the people, it was even more inseparable from the Warring States Period. The sachet became the ornament of people, and both men, women and children were attached to the body. Adding color to yourself and adding wealth to yourself today. At that time, no matter whether it was the shape of the sachet or its meaning, it was accepted, contained and loved by the society. In the Tang and Song Dynasties, the sachet became the exclusive item of ladies and beautiful women, which shows that the status of sachets is gradually becoming more and more improve. In the Ming and Qing Dynasties, sachets became a token of love between men and women, and also a must-have mascot for the holidays. In 2001, Qingyang Huachi County was unearthed from the current 800 years of sachets. "Chitose Sachet". The history of sachets is long, and Qingyang is its birthplace and its development. More than 800 years of wind and rain, did not fade the "Chitose Sachet", nor did it make the "Chitose Sachet" blurred. On the contrary, after many years of vicissitudes Cigarettes Online, today, "Chitose Sachet" is not only brilliant, but also a bit more historically solemn temperament. This shows the wisdom of the people of Qingyang, which shows that the people of Qingyang are careful about the production of sachets. If there was no careful sewing of the people of Qingyang in the same year, where is the sigh of today? If there was no painstaking research on the production of sachets by the Qingyang people, what is the glory of today? If there is no love for the people of Qingyang in the past, then the girl who is today's auspicious thing, Qingyang, began to learn needlework at the age of seven and eight, and began to lay the foundation for making a delicate and delicate sachet. The name of the "hometown of sachet embroidery" was built on the tip of the needle held by the young hand. From the unfamiliarity of the embroidery method, from one stitch to one line, to the familiar; from the color matching, one strand to the beautiful; from the single pattern, one by one, to the exquisite. At every step, the hard sweat is filled with every process, and the mood of joy surrounds every detail. Qingyang's sachet has no sense of art and hardship. Qingyang sachet is the feeling of Qingyang people's life. Qingyang sachet is the pursuit of beauty by Qingyang people Marlboro Red. Qingyang sachet is the auspiciousness of Qingyang people. The symbolic art of wishfulness comes from life, art comes from inspiration, and art comes from all kinds of things. Qingyang sachet is the beginning of the life of Qingyang people. Qingyang sachet is the result of Qingyang people's careful observation and exploration of things. Qingyang sachet is the delicate and beautiful fragrance package made on the Loess Plateau. Very sophisticated, and his skills are also very skilled. On the sachet, the embroidered dragon dances, the blessed blessings, and the mysterious Chinese nation's totems... all without embroidering, it is enough to be true. Such a cultural atmosphere, Li Xiuzhen, He Meiying and others, should be the inheritance of this art, this craft, the crystallization of the Qingyang people. It has been passed down from generation to generation, stretching for thousands of years, and with the sun and the moon, the most beautiful flowers in Qingyang, and the current Qingyang Sachet Festival is also receiving much attention. In the sachet festival, the scented works of the competition are dazzling, making people dazzled, but still unfinished. Not only that, the Qingyang Sachet Festival is more suitable for contestants, providing a platform for them to have opportunities for exhibitions; it also creates an opportunity for contestants to learn more about each other and learn from each other. Contributing to the development of the Qingyang sachet business, all of them hope that the Qingyang Sachet can flow through the Qianqing culture, the Qingyang culture, and the Qingyang customs, which are appreciated and loved by friends from all over the world. The birthplace of the history of Qinghuaxia, the breeding ground of the descendants of the Yellow Emperor. Under the guidance of its angel-scented bag, it is familiar to the five lakes and the sea, adding a bright color to the Chinese nation.
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