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The text is my favorite. I want to record the daily mental journey in words. I want to use words to record all the moves that come along this way. I want to use words to record what I see and what I see. I want to replace the memory with words. However, many times, the title is laid, but my heart is empty, I don't know how to write. Looking at the words of a friend, one after the other, the articles are all good works, and the heart is quite emotional. Tell yourself that you must stick to it whenever you want. Even if the road ahead is bumpy, there are wind and rain everywhere. When the heart is really wrapped up and cannot pass through the air, it must be persisted and written from another aspect. Knowing that your own writing has nothing to do with literature, even if it is a piece of content is a complaint, the articles are catharsis. They are all reserved for themselves. Not related to others. During the National Day, many farmers returned to their hometowns and were busy harvesting the fruits of the year. For me, I really had enough time and wanted to go home to help my parents do some farm work and relieve their parents' labor. Because during the National Day, I had to eat a few banquets, and I took this body bone into consideration. I still didn��t leave, I was afraid that I couldn��t help, but I would add confusion to my parents. As soon as the National Day holiday passed, the idea of ??going home only flashed in my heart and was not put into action. Every time I think about these things, I feel uneasy inside. I feel like I always want to write words every time, I want to write some words about the most loved ones. Every time I think about touching things, when I put them in the pen, I I feel that the text can never depict the true feelings of the heart. Facing the words, the feeling of being in one go is very cool Wholesale Cigarettes, and the words that are slowly written are feeling upside down. The logic is very poor and needs to be modified again and again. Not a literary text, just some essays. Therefore, I don't like the words that are pushed out as I want, where the mind thinks, where the pen will follow, and where the thought will follow. Even if there is some nonsense, as long as you like it, you will write it down. Like, listening to the sound of the finger on the keyboard, very crisp, very beautiful. It is a kind of sound of nature that I liked to hear long ago. In order to hear this kind of voice, I have paid a lot, and the hard work during this period can only be understood by myself. However, in order to achieve my good wishes, this kind of effort is worthwhile, and I feel gratified when I think about it. Second, he wrote the words, he is the first person to see, and every time, in my words, there will be his appearance, just like in life, he is my partner, always stay with me. When I don't give up and he is angry, I won't record any words about him. However, sitting in front of the computer, full of empty brains, can not beat a word. At the moment, the text and me are just like him and I are angry. I didn't want to walk into my pen for the time. I especially liked to read San Mao's words. A blue light, a wonderful text, and a silly wait, became the real life of that period. Tell a friend, I am reading San Mao Newport 100S. They all laughed and said that San Mao is a legend, can not see more, can not even walk in. However, I am stupid to invest in the real story. When I walk into this society, I become a kind of yearning to walk in reality, and change between characters. From San Mao to later, Zhang Ailing only feels that her life is changing, she likes it. The text is in the book, looking for it to read. I want to learn some of the same experiences; I want to get some inspiration from them; I want to seek some comfort from them. Then, tell yourself that the people who have experienced have come this way. We are mortal, we have all experienced suffering, and we all grow up in difficulties. So far, our face is still good, clear and bright. It is something that she can't compare with, it is the beauty that blooms after the sedimentation. I am very excited to find such an answer. Because, it is the flower that is open in the dust, bathed in the sun, the figure is strong, the dust without the horseshoe is still clear, but it is the secular wind. Growing up in writing, let me learn how to be grateful, how to cherish, how to use love to return love in the text, let me know, at that time you are today's me, tomorrow she, experiencing the same thing, I experienced the same experience and felt the same feeling Marlboro Cigarettes, but we did the same thing at different time
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